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Official Fillet & Release Rules

This is a light tackle inshore tournament for ladies and gentlemen. All scoring will be done on the angler's honor. A lie detector test will be given for 1st place. Winners will be determined by total weight of fish caught for combine eligible species.

ELIGIBLE SPECIES 1- Redfish and 1- Snook

WEIGHT SYSTEM Every effort should be made to assure the live release of all fish. Every live fish released that swims away under its own power will receive a .25 Lb reward per fish. Redfish and Snook will be eligible for weigh in (1-per each species). Oversized fish cannot be weighed. The two largest fish caught for that particular day will count for total weight plus live fish reward. No more than 2 fish will be counted. NO FISH WILL BE KEPT FOR BUFFET. ALL FISH RELEASED.

TOURNAMENT HOURS Tournament officially starts with a shot-gun start at 7:00am. Check in is from 6:30am to 7:30am; any boat not checked in by 7:30am will be disqualified. Any boat caught fishing before 7:00am will be disqualified. Tournament official to check boat coolers and live well prior to shot-gun. Weigh in scales will open at 1:30 pm. All boats must be back to the check-in area by 3:00pm.

TOURNAMENT LOCATIONS Shot-gun location at bay side (North) of middle spoil island of Sanibel bridge system.

TACKLE REQUIREMENTS All fish must be caught with rod & reel, hook & line. Baits: live bait and artificial lures are allowed.

TOURNAMENT RULES No passing of bait from boat to boat during tournament hours. (7:00 am to 3:00 pm). Tournament will monitor marine channel 69. All team anglers must fish from their own boat. (No wade fishing is allowed). No mutilated or altered fish will be allowed in scoring. Oversized fish may not be possessed or transported during the tournament (per Florida Law) You may not hire a guide to fish with you. All teams are responsible for knowing the rules; ignorance will not be excused.

Snook not less than 28" or more than 33" with a pinched tail

Reds not less than 18" or more than 27" with a pinched tail

ANDREW "CATCH THE BIG HARD ON" RULES (Calcutta) The largest slot redfish weighed will determine the winner. Live fish reward does apply. Fish must comply with Florida Law on minimum and maximum limits. Maximum allowable length of fish measured will be 27 inches in length, for Redfish. Calcutta will pay 100% to one winner for the largest slot Red Fish. Calcutta entry is $50.

GETTIN LUCKY Each team will be entered into a drawing for $500. Must be present at Weigh -In to win.

MYSTERY FISH Winner will be determined by the mystery fish caught that weighs the most. This weight will not count toward total weight for placement. Fish must be of legal size (slot fish). Mystery Fish winner will receive a mystery prize.


Based on a 50-boat entry. Actual pay out will vary on number of boats entered.

  • 1st place - $8,295 (70%)
  • 2nd Place - $2,370 (20%)
  • 3rd Place - $1,185 (10%)
  • Smallest Legal Redfish - $150
  • Female with Largest Redfish - $500

Entry Fee $350 per team. Max of 4 anglers per boat. A member of the team must be present at the Captain's meeting. You must be paid in full at the Captain's meeting. Anglers and event participants are responsible for properly reporting and paying any income tax liability incurred by winning cash in this program. NO PAY NO PLAY.


It is expressly understood that any and all participants in the Fillet & Release Fishing Tournament enter at their own risk, and that anyone associated with the coordination of this tournament and those friends that have made donations shall be held harmless, indemnified and exempt from any liability for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any participant, entrant, their companions or guests while participating in or before, during and after tournament.